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Alan Gibney

Alan Gibney lived his early childhood in Dublin and moved to Canada when he was eight. He studied literature in U.B.C., travelled extensively in Asia, went to Osgoode Hall Law School and became a lawyer, worked for a time as a business consultant, and started a successful refrigerated pet food business with his brother and a friend. The company went public in 2014 and is listed on the NASDAQ. He met his wife on Remembrance Day at exactly 11 a.m. They have two small children.

I Carried You Home

Rights Sold
Canadian rights–Harper Collins Canada, 2016

I Carried You Home is a poignant, lyrical story about a boy’s love for his grieving mother and his determination to bring her back from despair. Nell Finder, a mother of two, locks herself away in grief over her son’s death from a car accident for which she feels responsible. She refuses to see her fifteen-year old son, Ashe. In one stroke, Ashe has lost both his brother and his mother.

He tries to stop her from committing suicide, and to coax her out of her room. At the same time he has a physical relationship with a girl his age that starts to pull him away from his mother and to break her domination of his world. Eventually, his mother leaves her room and takes him on a haunting journey through Death Valley where he learns about her troubled past, and in the process, is able to separate himself from her and come to terms with the hostility she holds towards the world.