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Amanda Bath

Amanda Bath was born and raised in England, and lived in London before moving to the tiny community of Johnson’s Landing, BC in 1993. She holds a Ph. D. in Catalan Literature and worked in human rights research for Amnesty International for a decade. Since her home in Johnson’s Landing was destroyed by the 2012 landslides, she now lives in Kaslo, BC with her husband Christopher Klassen.

Disaster in Paradise

Rights Sold
World rights–Harbour Publishing, 2016

On the morning of July 12, 2012, Amanda Bath left her picturesque home and garden in Johnson’s Landing, BC for a day trip to nearby Kaslo. She had no forewarning of what the placid summer day would bring. But just over an hour later, a massive landslide tore into the community, destroying her home and killing four people. Returning the next day, Amanda narrowly avoided being buried beneath a second slide.
Disaster in Paradise tells a story of survival, grief and recovery. Amanda Bath eloquently details  her own experience of trauma and healing, and weaves in the stories of other residents and volunteers in the rescue and recovery missions as the community bands together to collectively mourn their loss. The story is grounded by the author’s intimate knowledge of Johnson’s Landing, but also reflects the greater themes of loss, perseverance and bravery that arise in natural disasters.