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D. K. Stone

D.K. Stone is a writer of contemporary fiction with a focus on strong female narratives. The daughter of a geologist, and granddaughter of a trapper, Danika grew up with a strong connection to the Canadian Rockies, and a love for the unbroken land. Her personal experiences and numerous friendships with local ranchers and entrepreneurs from the Waterton area are the inspiration behind Edge of Wild.

Danika writes in a variety of genres: young adult (All the Feels and Internet Famous), romance (Intaglio Series and Ctrl Z) and mystery (Edge of Wild). In 2013, Edge of Wild was selected as a quarter-finalist in Amazon’s prestigious “Breakthrough Novel of the Year” award and in 2014 was selected as a Finalist in Black Balloon’s “Horatio Nelson Fiction Prize”. When not writing, Ms. Stone enjoys hiking, painting, and travelling.

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Edge of Wild

Rights Sold
North American Rights–Stonehouse Publishing, 2016

Transplanted from New York City to the tiny mountain town of Waterton, Alberta with the task of saving a floundering new hotel,Rich Evans is desperate to return to the city as soon as he can. The locals seem unusually hostile towards his efforts, or maybe even menacing, and was that a cougar on his door-step last night? As Rich begins to wonder whether his predecessor disappeared of his own accord, he finds himself strongly drawn to Louise Newman, the garage mechanic who is fixing his suddenly unreliable BMW, and the only person in Waterton who doesn’t seem desperate to run him out of town. As Rich works on the hotel, the town is torn apart by a series of gruesome, unsolved murders. With Louise as his only ally in a town that seems set against him, Rich can’t help but wonder: will he be the next victim?