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Donna Macdonald

Donna Macdonald served on City Council in Nelson, BC for nineteen years. She spearheaded many projects, including cultural development, affordable housing, recreation facilities and action on climate change. She was also a leader of the Osprey Community Foundation and the Nelson CARES Society. She has been involved with library boards for several years and is currently president of the BC Library Trustees Association. In 2015, she received a BC Community Achievement Award. She lives in Nelson, BC.

Surviving City Hall

Rights Sold
World rights–Nightwood Editions, 2016

Welcome to City Hall! The dramas, debates, dissension and delight (and, of course, the dogs).

With humour and humanity, Surviving City Hall reveals the workings of the municipal world based on author Donna Macdonald’s nineteen years as a city councillor in Nelson, BC. She offers citizens, armchair critics and activists in an insider’s view of City Hall through her tales of strife, success and the sometimes strange.

From the table where council members make decisions on out to the sidewalks teeming with community life, this unique book provides a big-hearted take on local politics. It explores the importance and limitations of local government, and also the human experience of being a local elected leader.

Surviving City Hall is also a reflection on the nature of leadership (and what makes an effective leader); how we practice democracy (and how we might do it better); and the role of women (where are they all? we need them at the table). This book is for people who care about their community and how decisions affecting it–and them–are made.