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Holley Rubinsky

Holley Rubinsky is a fiction writer whose stories have appeared in a number of anthologies. She is the author of At First I Hope for Rescue (Knopf Canada, 1996; Picador, 1997); Rapid Transits and Other Stories (Polestar, 1991); and Beyond This Point (McClelland & Stewart, 2006). Holley resided in Kaslo, B.C. for more than thirty years prior to her death at age 72, due to cancer, in August of 2015.

South of Elfrida

Rights Sold
North American rights–Brindle & Glass, 2013

 The nature of relationships is skillfully illuminated in this collection of stories by award-winning author Holley Rubinsky. South of Elfrida delves into the lives of those coming face-to-face with personal truths that require resilience, humour and the ability to change.
With a clear eye for the complexities of the human heart, Rubinsky’s stories take the reader to deeper understandings about the nature of love, loss and longing.
Spare and rich with wit, these stories celebrate the act of self-renewal.

“In these tender and surprising stories, Rubinsky is the voice of a true original. Quirky, moving, and laugh-out-loud funny.” 

—Caroline Adderson, author of The Sky Is Falling and Pleased to Meet You