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Ken Klonsky

Ken Klonsky is a poet, a playwright, author of a short story anthology and co-author of Eye of the Hurricane. In addition, Ken works as Director of Media Relations and as an advocate for prisoners at Innocence International, Dr. Carter’s organization conceived to help free wrongly convicted prisoners worldwide. He lives in Vancouver.

Freeing David McCallum

Rights Sold
World rights-Chicago Review Press October 2017

For ten years before Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s death, he and his friend and coauthor Ken Klonsky had been working to help free another wrongfully convicted man, David McCallum. McCallum was eventually exonerated and freed after serving twenty-nine years in prison. This is the story of how Carter and Klonsky, along with a group of committed friends and professionals, managed to secure McCallum’s release. It details their many struggles, from founding an innocence project to take on the case, finding lawyers willing to work pro bono, and hiring a private detective to sift through old evidence and locate original witnesses, to the most difficult part: convincing members of a deeply flawed criminal justice system to reopen a case that would expose their own mistakes when all they wanted to do was ignore the conflicting evidence. A new district attorney willing to reexamine the case, a documentary film, and an op-ed piece in which Carter, on his deathbed, made a plea for McCallum’s release finally turned the tide of justice. 

Eye of the Hurricane

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World rights, Lawrence Hill Books 2011

Ken Klonsky co-authored Eye of the Hurricane with Dr. Rubin Carter. It tells the story of Dr. Carter’s spiritual journey during his twenty years of imprisonment and afterward, detailing the battles he has fought and continues to fight on behalf of the wrongly convicted.  His is not a comfortable story or an easy philosophy but he offers hope for those who have none.  A spiritual as well as factual autobiography, this moving narrative may well change the way we view crime and punishment in the twenty-first century.

“Overall, if you’re looking for a memoir you can read and discard, look elsewhere because “Eye of the Hurricane” demands contemplation and time for reflection. If you’ve got that, this book will pack a punch.” –our

Life Without

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World rights, Quattro Press 2012

In this short novel, Joel Ascher a blunt-talking, opera-loving New York cabbie, steers us through a hair-raising ride right into the twists and betrayals that a clumsy, corrupt and overburdened legal system metes out to its suspects. Ken Klonsky draws on a deep well of compassion and activism with those who are wrongly convicted to create a piece of writing that is fast-paced and urgent.

“Can there be a nightmare more common and more terrifying than being falsely convicted and sent to prison? Life Without is one of the most brilliant and harrowing short novels I’ve read since I went on a John Hawkes binge; in fact, it has some of the same drive and adrenalin of Hawkes’ Travesty. Ken Klonsky’s novel is also a tour de force in terms of style. Read this novel, but not before bedtime.” 
— Gary Geddes, Lt.-Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence