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Thomas Rendell Curran

Thomas Rendell Curran is a Newfoundland-born writer who now lives in Ottawa, Ontario but whose roots remain in Newfoundland. He visits the island as often as possible for both research purposes and personal renewal.

The Rossiter File

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World rights—Boulder Publications, 2014

Who would want Samuel Rossiter Dead?

The battered body of an impoverished elderly man is discovered on the concrete steps of a darkened St. John’s laneway in August 1947. At first glance, it appears Samuel Rossiter was simply the victim of an accidental collision with two youths running from an act of vandalism.

But Inspector Eric Stride of the Newfoundland Constabulary is not convinced. Who was Rossiter and why did he end up in the city of St. John’s? To find the answers, Stride follows a trail of evidence and circumstances that stretches back more than three decades. As he learns more about the victim and his life, Stride finds himself ensnarled in a maze of intrigue, privilege, and tragedy.

Death of a Lesser Man

Rights Sold
World rights—Boulder Publications 2011

A gunshot rings out and World War One veteran Harrison Rose lies dead in an upscale neighbourhood in St. John’s, Newfoundland. To find the killer, Inspector Eric Stride confronts the darker side of post-WWII St. John’s. This latest crime thriller in Thomas Rendell Curran’s  “Inspector Stride Mystery” series is a gripping story, where betrayal and violence are a way of life.  Previous books in the series are Undertow and The Rossiter File.

Praise for the Rossiter File:  …”a complex tale that will keep you glued to the page.” Globe and Mail